I was very young when I was born. I love that line. I really do.

  I'm a Rochester native and this is my second time moving back here. When I was 13, my sisters gave me a set of weights for my bar mitzvah. Thus began my love affair with fitness. And I started doing lights for Dave Grossman's band, called Tribe. This started me off on my first career.

    From 1974-86, I worked in the entertainment industry as a roadie, a stagehand, a high steel rigger, and a lighting designer. I was on the road with The Village People and INXS among others. I built sets for on and off Broadway shows and did lights for more bands and shows than I can remember. I partied with guitar giant Stevie Ray Vaughan and bass giant Jaco Pastorius, and walked across stage with James Brown's arm around my shoulders. I asked Arlo Guthrie to call my sister and wish her a happy birthday and she didn't believe it was him. I had dinner with Cyndi Lauper and Andre the Giant, although not at the same time. It was a thrilling and fun chapter in my life.

   Then I decided to Straighten Up and Fly Right. I moved back home and finished my bachelor's (Communications) and then got into a PhD program (Psychology) at the University of Rochester, where I worked with the Human Motivation Research Group. I met my (ex) wife, an opera singer at the Eastman School of Music. We got married and moved to Colorado mostly so I could go rock climbing.

    I climbed a lot for the next 20 years, rock faces and ice and mountains. I volunteered with Alpine Rescue Team, where I found a new family. In 2007, I almost died in a climbing accident, in fact my doctors were surprised that I survived relatively intact. I went climbing again the day I got my last cast removed but the fire had gone out. I was lost and lonely and miserable. Eventually my true passion arose from the ashes and I became a Fitness and Wellness Coach at age 58.

   Now I get the privilege and honor to help people transform themselves and their lives. I live in the light of love, acceptance, and compassion, and I try to  share that light with other people as much as I  can. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you become your best you, full of health and happiness.

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