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For You

  • Individual or Partner Personal Training

  • Diet and Nutrition Coaching

  • Stress Management Coaching

  • Balance and Fall Prevention

  • Sessions at your home, office, or anywhere.

  • I'll bring the gym to you.

  • Optional online training and support

  • Individualized programs

For Your Business

  • Create Wellness goals

  • Create, model, and maintain awareness of the importance and benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Enable meaningful and sustainable behavior change.

  • Provide and promote specific health and wellness skills and tools, such as effective exercise, good nutrition, optimal rest, stress management, and mindfulness.

  • Motivate and support individuals in their efforts to embrace a healthy lifestyle and experience well-being.

  • Create a healthy workplace culture and encourage social support.

All of the above will be accomplished in an environment of

Enjoyment, Positivity and Peace

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